Fresh Mint CBD Vape Pen by CBDfx

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Fresh Mint CBD Vape Pen by CBDfx

This fresh mint taste blends beautifully with the herbal flavor of high-quality hemp. Each pen contains 30mg of organically farmed, broad-spectrum CBD. No charging, mixing, or filling required: this CBD pen is draw-activated and ready to use right out of the box. Highly discreet and convenient, this pen is the perfect size to be kept in a pocket, purse, desk drawer, or anywhere else you want to have a CBD dose close at hand.

-Broad-spectrum CBD

-Formulated for a low to moderate dose that can be used throughout the day

-No additional steps to take or liquids to mix

-Does not need to be charged

-No maintenance is required

-Single-use CBD vape pen ready to be used the moment it arrives at your door






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